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Koreanische Bögen -
                           the story goes on

                                                                                                             by Uwe P. Tesch

A few issues ago we reported about the great bow

of Freddie Archery.                          

In this issue, there is, in addition, a small          id_product=129&controller=product&id_lang=1

supplement.                                            Facebook freddie won
Freddie Archery doesn't want to leave me here

without knowing how the Black Shadow is

performing in my draw weight (50Ib).

Well, he sent me one to prove how powerful his bow

is in this draw weight.

And of course, I tested the bow and am very
surprised by the performance.

What really excites me about this bow is it’s
handling in the field and the buttery soft feeling
when you pull the string back. This is very important
because if you are going free roving in the woods
this sort of handling makes the difference in all

On the subject of speed, I can say this small shadow
is forced to hide in no case behind the well-known
brands. In the test with the chronometer, it was
equal in all aspects with comparable models. But I
hope that everyone knows that speed is not really
interesting and can only lead to a statement how
fast you miss the target. Far more important, the
workmanship compared to the price.
In this case, I would recommend the Black Shadow
to 100%.